More Than You Do


    I’ve tried both Go Getter and Hustler already and I absolutely love both!  I’m not a dramatic lash person although Hustler isn’t too dramatic.  At first I thought they weren’t for me.  But when I put them on, they didn’t make me feel uncomfortable or like they were too big for my liking.   Then I tried on the Go Getter eyelashes and OMG!!  I LOVE them !!! Used hustler about 5 times so far and still in perfect condition… Good product,  I’ll def buy more!


    Check them Out

    We know that once you try these eyelashes, you’ll love love wearing them!  And why not?  They offer superior quality.  They’re made of 100% Remy Human Hair, they last much longer, are more comfortable, and look natural.  They’ll make your face look beautiful…

    A Woman's Business

    At only 25 years old, Nicole is a Social Media professional with her own line of quality, finely-made, 100% Remy Human hair eyelashes.  Nicole is an avid Night Life aficionado and can be found wherever there is fashion, beauty and eyelashes!

    Nicole Herrera


    Nicole is a young and talented Social Media professional who also loves fashion and beauty.